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It kind of goes without saying that shopping and securing a property in LA from 2500 miles due east, in PA, can have its fair share of challenges.

We had tight requirements, which didn’t help matters, but kudos to you for digging and offering options while striking the perfect balance of communicating and staying on top of matters.

If the distance wasn’t enough of a challenge, then time zones certainly added to the fun, but you rolled great and made yourself available early mornings and weekends.

It was an absolute pleasure…cheers!— Rob Barber, VP Rental Solutions, Atomic Design

I want to personally thank you for representing my property and finding what appears to be an appropriate, reliable and long-term tenant. Doing business with you over the past year has been a pleasure. I was optimistic you would surpass my expectations.
You were persistent, precise and always kept me up to date on the status of your tours with your bi-weekly updates and phone calls. Before we entered negotiations you did your due diligence and found ready and reliable tenants and made the process as smooth as possible.
I have no problem recommending you to any landlord similarly wanting to find good tenants.
I look forward to doing more business in the future and having you represent me when the time comes.— Julius Woythaler

I want to thank you for representing my property and finding me a great buyer. Doing business with you and your company has been a rewarding and professional experience.
You were very persistent, precise and always kept me informed on the status of your tours and bi-weekly updates. Before we entered negotiations, you did your research and found reliable buyers, which made the whole process go smoothly.
I look forward to doing more business in the future and will highly recommend you and your company when the time comes.— Larry Summers, Sterling Service, Restaurant Equipment Parts & Service

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for helping us find a new location for our business.
We had three main objectives for this project. First, we wanted to stay in the San Fernando Valley, an area you are an expert on. Second, we had a very specific type of space in mind, and you were able to quickly pull up a dozen spaces that met or exceeded our requirements. Lastly, we wanted to realize a cost savings over what we were currently paying, and there you succeeded as well, getting us 25% more space in a much newer building for 70% of what we were paying per month. So I want to congratulate you on a job well done.
Overall, we felt that because of the time you put in with us, we had a good perspective on what was available in the market we were interested in, which helped us feel confident when it came time to make a decision. So again, thank you for making the process painless and we will not hesitate to recommend you in the future as well as go to you for our future commercial real estate needs.— Sincerely,
Russell Schmidt,
Extenda Communications Corp.

I want to personally thank you for representing my property and finding us a great tenant.  After having had our property listed with another company for some time, I am very impressed that you were able to fill the space in a matter of a few short months  – especially in the current market environment.

Doing business with you has been a pleasure and the experience surpassed my expectations.

You were very persistent, professional, precise and always kept us up to date on the status of your tours with your bi-weekly updates and phone calls.  You found us ready and reliable tenants and made the process as smooth as possible.

We look forward to doing more business in the future and having you represent us when the time comes.— Sincerely,
Sam Kahan
Vice President, Acme Painting & Wallcovering

I would like to thank you for your dedicated work that resulted in the sale of my industrial property on February 25, 2010.

My relationship with you started in 1993 when our Porsche Parts and Toyota Truck Parts businesses were clustered in multiple leased buildings in Van Nuys. As I think about your support, it was like having an expert partner appearing at important segments of our growth. Your real estate savvy helped us move into a 15,000SF facility on Haskell that was double our original space but almost the same monthly costs.

As we expanded our product lines and bagan busting out of our space, you toured us for one year that resulted in purchasing a 58,000SF building at 8000 Haskell Avenue in 1998.

When we first met, you made a very important comment and held true to it, “I will continue to work for you no matter how long it takes. I just want you to find the right property.” This important statement sums up your sincere character.

Little did I envision, when it was time to sell our building, how difficult the real estate market was going to be in 2010. Yet again, I must thank you, because our 1998 purchase price allowed us to sell at a profit vs. being “upside down.”

I have recommended you to my friends in their search to find or sell properties and all have thanksed me for having the opportunity to work with you.

In these, difficult time, it is even more important to find an agent of your high caliber.

With much appreciation for all you have done,

Melvin Kay

I wanted to thank you for your help with the leasing of our Hazeltine Commerce Center Industrial Park.

We are grateful for all of your efforts that have brought us from 78% occupancy in February when we purchased the property to %100 occupancy today. The fact that you have been involved with the Park and its tenants since its inception in 1990, and that you were very familiar with other prospective tenants added tremendous value to your leasing efforts.

Your diligence, persistence and hard work have paid off. We are hopeful that our relationship will continue and that our goals and needs will always be met by you.

Thanks again for all of your hard work.


Cast Real Estate Holdings, LP

I would like to extend for both myself and Ted our sincere gratitude for all the effort you have shown in helping us find the right location for Ontic. This is very important for Ontic’s future growth and success.

It has truly been a positive and rewarding experience for us. We appreciate all the help you gave us in going through the processes, the ID requirements and most of all your patience in trying to negotiate this favorable deal. Your work ethics are rare in today’s marketplace.

Hopefully, we will continue the friendship that has developed over the last several months. I know that if I ever need anything I have all the confidence in the world that you will be just a phone call away.


Teresa Allred

Over the years we have done a few deals together and I gave you verbal thank yous for your help but I can’t say thank you enough for your knowledge and expertise shared on my Gledhill property that I closed last week.

Your patience level in my search got me to the point of feeling somewhat guilty because of all your time spent. You never showed any sign of frustration and always reassured me that we’d find the right building. When we couldn’t find the right property you then created it by finding someone to buy the land, build the building and you helped negotiate the lease/option to buy. I know its your job to do things to make your client happy, but the way you followed thru and held my hand during the process gave me confidence and reassurance that everything would be done professionally. I have always felt that you treated me as a close friend as opposed to a client to make money from. You have always but my needs ahead of the almighty dollar.

Ron – best of luck with RJ Feder & Associates. I’m sure that with your integrity, class and dedication and the additional of people who have your drive and moxie, it will be a leader in the industry in the future! Thanks again!!

D. Feldman
Pipedream Products, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

Selective Real Estate Investments has relied on Ron as an experienced trusted advisor with his ability to bring perspective to a situation and to bring parties together towards making a transaction as smooth as possible. I have worked with Ron for over 12 years and consider him among the most honorable and level headed brokers in our business. He consistently works to exceed a client’s expectations.

Brian A. Fagan, President
Selective Real Estate Investments

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Ron Feder for approximately five years.  During that time Ron has successfully consummated the sale of one of our properties and negotiated the purchase of two acquisitions.  The total sums exchanged were roughly $10,000,000.00.
Currently Ron is working with our companies on a new disposition and exchange, the total consideration when complete will exceed $60,000,000.00.

Ron has brought patience, professionalism and a great knowledge of the process to each deal, thus facilitating a successful close.  Ron’s work ethic is beyond reproach and his positive attitude can turn the tide when a troublesome situation arises.

We are truly grateful for the services that Ron has provided to our companies and would not hesitate to recommend him to represent and consult on any business real estate transaction.


David Lee
Martin Lee Properties, Inc.
Lee Properties, Ltd.

This is a testimonial about a commercial real-estate professional named Ron Feder, who has become a friend for life. We were having a very difficult time finding what we were looking for with our last broker and one of my investors, introduced me to his broker/friend Ron Feder. He is a good-looking man, and at first you could take him for a Hollywood type. We’ve worked with a lot of brokers, but this guy took such a personal interest, you’d think he was trying to find the space for himself! He worked tirelessly for over a year and although we lost hope from time to time, Ron kept pushing. See we were trying to find a needle in a haystack when it comes to price and sq footage.

He took us from place to place and then we found it!! Not only is it the right size, but he negotiated it down to a great price for us as well. In this economy a start up can’t make it if the lease is unaffordable. As we became friends I went to him for help and he even helped us get investors for our company!! This guy not only works his _____ off, he is very well connected and is willing to share his connections and knowledge to help in any way he can. I know this is not your usual testimonial, but Ron is not your usual Broker. He is a real guy in a crazy business and we were damn lucky to find him!

From all of us at Zen Foods, Ron we thank you!!

Mariana Rossano
President & CEO
Z.E.N. Foods

We wanted to thank you for your help in finding leased space for our company. We came to you with unusually specific needs and a tight schedule, yet you managed to find us a range of options to look at. You obviously have great resources available to you! Even in the face of the completely unexpected, you gave us good advice and always made us feel like you were on our side. We would recommend you to anyone looking for commercial real estate in this area.

Thanks again for your efforts.

Justin Leavens, VP du Jour
To Your Heart’s Content / Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows